wrong parameter count error

ulong ticket = OrderSend(Symbol(), ORDER_TYPE_SELL, LotSize, ask, 0, stopLoss, takeProfit, "Sell EURGBP", 12345, 0, clrRed, 0, 0);

I wonder what's wrong in this code?


Place the cursor on OrderSend and press F1 read and understand even the example.


got it, in case you also are stuck, here's

if (OrderSend(request, result))

now the last hurdle...

if (!SymbolIsSynchronized("EURUSD", "EURGBP", "GBPUSD", true, false)),

wrong parameter  count again


the solution

 if (!SymbolIsSynchronized(Symbol())) 
again a hurdle, its not opening positions in backtesting
pcindia: I wonder what's wrong in this code?

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anyone know how to fix this     

request.ticket = ticket;

'ticket' - undeclared identifier PP.mq5 32 12

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