tool for managing chart, EA's and indicatios on multiple vps


Hey, example for my question:

- I have two VPS servers

- On both I have 10 different charts(instruments) with some EA's and indicators


Is any tool or way to manage it on one comp, like:

- I want to change some setting on one EA on VPS 1, and then change something on VPS 2


Currently i need to open new charts, configure EA's and indicators from scratch(or load saved settings) but all charts needs to be removed, or at least removed from them eas and indicators

So im looking for an easy way to manage vps charts and eas, like i can access vps mt5 and there do change only for this what i want, then change to another vps and change only what i want, because i would have to do this with more then 2 acc's with multiple charts...