Is it possible to pause MQL5 debugger without using Debugbreak


HI, I'm coming from Excel VBA and relatively new to MQL5.

In VBA IDE, we can set a condition formula in Watch Window (e.g., Var1 = 3, Var2 = 7, etc.) and Debugging will pause automatically when that condition becomes true. 

In MQL5 IDE, can we do something similar without having to insert Debugbreak(); in multiple locations in the code ??

Say, I want to avoid adding the code lines otherwise they will be so many debug lines to be added (unnecessarily) in the code. And it will make the entire code cumbersome.    

if (Var1 ==3) debugbreak();

if (Var2==7) debugbreak(); 


Not possible without adding code.
Alain Verleyen #:
Not possible without adding code.
Thanks, Alain. You mean we must always put Debugbreak();. in the code, no problem. 

I wish MQL5 have made it as easy as other IDEs when it comes to Debugging.