Strategy Tester bad performance on Win 2022 Server hosted on VMware


I experience a really bad performance with the strategy tester on the following setup (which has plenty of power to offer):

Dell server with Intel Xeon Gold 6326, VMware ESX 7.0 as a host system and Win 2022 Server as a guest.

The guest has 32 cores and 256GB RAM assigned. This is a setup that usually works really nice performance wise.

Surprisingly, my strategy tester runs are about 6-7 times slower compared to my Intel I7 Notebook at 1.9GHz.

I know about how to do faster backtesting and so on but thats not the point. It is just not delivering on this machine and I want to know why.

Is there any known limitation? Maybe Windows Server 2022 could be the problem? 

In the Taskmanager the processes max out to 100% so it "tries" calculating. It just makes nearly no progress. Also no progress in the strategy tester logfiles. It stays like this for at lest the next 24h or until I cancel the job:

Any ideas where to look at or to tweak? Any special debug option to turn on or something?

Thanks for your help :) 




I set up an additional Win10 system, 12 cores, agent, hosted on the same server. Added the strategy tester agent to my Metatrader and disabled the local agents. 

This runs way faster. So this may indeed be a problem of (my) Windows 2022 server.