Cloud Agent much slower after a few weeks of testing


I started genetic optimization for my new EA. I have been doing a 3 year pass using OHLC, 1 year pass OHLC, 6M OHLC to start each asset. Then I will do some random tests throughout the time time periods in ticks per real ticks in small bunches to compare the graphs/PF etc etc. 

When I started this process, It would take 10-30 minutes to do some of the 3 year passes using OHLC and if I wanted to do a year of Ticks/real ticks it could take up to an our or so utilizing the cloud network. Today out of the blue, my speeds have absolutely dropped off. Trying to do a 6m OHLC is taking an hour or more and the 1/3 year passes up to 3 hours. EA is the same, the general number of parameters are the same just a much much slower processing time. 

I restarted the computer, hard closed the testers in the task manager. 

It appears that the cloud agents are picking up the same amount of cores as before from the cloud agent (between 400-500). Its just taking forever, no idea what to try. 

Please help


I attached screen shot of the cloud agent/local network screen. The time shows 1 hour. This identical test just yesterday would have been 10 minutes

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Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
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