How to Evaluate Forex Signals (EAs)


The following are the main criteria to take into account, before connecting to a Signal or Expert Advisor

1 Age >6 months Must have more than 6 months on the market
2 No Frequent Deposits Must not have frequent deposits
3 Profits Must have a good earnings history
4 No Martingale Your strategy should not be based on martingales. This may be the main criteria
5 Glide It is advisable to look at it, although a high slippage can also favor our account
6 Monthly payment The monthly cost of the subscription must be suitable for my budget
7 Suggested Deposit The size of my account must be suitable for the signal to be connected
8 Maximum reduction <30% The historical Drawdown must show a percentage lower than 30%
9 reliability Reliability bars must be 3 or more
10 Negative Alerts The system automatically generates alerts, which can tell us if it is a suitable signal for us.
11 Subscribers >10 Must have 10 or more subscribers
12 manage funds The managed funds/subscribers ratio must show a good average per account connected to the signal


Additionally, and in a more subjective way review the comments, user rating and leverage according to our account.

Signal rating example

Date 7/2023 (edited by moderator)
Sign Name of the Signal
Supplier **deletd by moderator ***
Age >6 months complies
No Frequent Deposits complies
Profits complies
No Martingale No
Glide complies
Monthly payment complies
Suggested Deposit complies
Maximum reduction <30% complies
reliability complies
Negative Alerts complies
Subscribers >10 complies
manage funds complies
Comments Complies*
stars Complies*
Chord Leverage Complies*
comply eleven
Qualification 92%

*Do not apply for qualification, as they are subjective criteria

Machine translated from original Spanish text, by moderator.


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