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New article MQL5 Cookbook — Macroeconomic events database has been published:

The article discusses the possibilities of handling databases based on the SQLite engine. The CDatabase class has been formed for convenience and efficient use of OOP principles. It is subsequently involved in the creation and management of the database of macroeconomic events. The article provides the examples of using multiple methods of the CDatabase class.

Adding new columns to a table is also a pretty common task.

Suppose that we need to expand our COUNTRIES table and add a column containing the number of macroeconomic events that fall into the calendar.

The task will be performed by the 15_add_new_column.mq5 script.

After executing the script, check the table (Fig. 5). Now it features the new column EVENTS_NUM.

New EVENTS_NUM column in the COUNTRIES table

Fig. 5. New EVENTS_NUM column in the COUNTRIES table

Author: Denis Kirichenko

Nice "Information System Design" ; thanks for all efforts, i will study on article.. 


What a great article. I am still stepping through it. Every script has worked for me. and I have been getting the same output as you with one exception;

Section 2.18, you display the output. That had confused me for a moment because in the prior Section 2.13, you had deleted Asia counties.

I appreciate the time you put into it.