Please help me with problems with VPS connecting to a trade server.

Jing Zhang  
I rented a VPS here. At the time of registration, the page showed that NY's VPS connection to my trade server was delayed by 0.72ms, but looking in the VPS log found that the VPS did not connect to the trading server in New York, but connected to the trading server in China, resulting in a delay of 470ms. I changed the VPS to the Frankfurt server by changing the server location in MQL, and I was able to connect to the New York trading server with a delay of 80ms. But this past weekend, the VPS server location was automatically adjusted to the New York server, and it was connected to the Chinese trading server again (delay of 480ms). How can I solve such a problem? The questions are as follows: 1. Why does the VPS server in New York not automatically connect to the trading server in New York; 2. Why does the changed VPS server location automatically switch back to New York, causing a large delay. Thank you!