Shut down computer or disconnect internet and reconnect again, there are 2 positions closed automatically


Hi all,

I'm using EA assistance, MT4 platform, VPS service. When positions are running and my broker application is opened, If I shut down computer or disconnect internet and reconnect and reopened broker application again, there are always 2 positions closed automatically.

somebody already experienced this?


Some/any external VPS? Not MQL5 VPS?

  • If your EA is traded on VPS (and if your Metatrader is installed on VPS) so you can close your home Metatrader (because you have Metatrader installed on VPS with your EA traded).
  • if you use your VPS togetherw ith your home computer for autotrading so it may be the errors with your EA or with the trades.
  • If it is about MQL5 VPS so check sychronization/migration of the charts with your EA(s) to this VPS (look at MQL5 VPS journal).