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Today we'll see how to create an Expert Advisor that simply and safely works in automatic mode.

Before we start anything directly related to writing the code, we need to make things clear for everyone who will be reading this short series of articles. If you already know how an automated EA actually works, most likely the series will not add anything to your knowledge. But if you have no idea how it works or what it takes to make the EA work, follow these articles for at least the basic knowledge. Because without this knowledge you will be completely lost. Come with me through this series, if you want to take the first steps or to know what to study and analyze.

To begin the explanation, let's take a look at figure 01 below:

Figure 1

Author: Daniel Jose

Nice article and keep it up...  I appreciate for the good work... Kindly upload part 2 of the series..
 Let me check on it

What is  "the difference between working with Bits and Bytes".

Could you explain it ?



Can we Apply these EA Steps in MT4 as well

Not only EA Steps in this article but other parts too. 


Thanks for your guide!