Error :: Small issue with signals filtering form


I suspect your signal filtration operates on each previous result .

What does that mean . Let's say i filter signals in a way then change my mind and choose other filters , the results will be resulting from the previous filtered "bucket" of signals and not the entire collection until i close the page and reopen it.

The way i found this is by filtering with soft parameters , i.e. 10% min MoM profit , 5% max drawdown 30usd min price .

Then i set the filter Trading Activity to 93% min and 93% max ,it results to no signals on mt4 , i was trying to understand if its related to the Algo Trading % (which if not is missing from the filters).

When i revert Trading activity % to 0 min and 100 max then i get no results again and the input field for trading activity % reverts to 93% min and 93% max . 

Also , make the search accessible by get request too , if someone wants to suggest signals on an external resource they cannot share the list of signals they found with the filtration they chose.