Experts: MultiCurrency Template MT5


MultiCurrency Template MT5:

a Template for Multicurrency system for Metatrader 5



Hi Mr. Dalali,

i like your MultiCurrency Template Mt5. I want you set strategy in Ea which depend on Daily Close Change 0.50% plus or minus. Open buy order if changed price in Plus and Sell if in Minus. You can set two difference symbol for One Buy and One Sell. First order depend on one main symbol E.g. Gbp-Usd and Second after one order placed. When first order open on Gbp-Usd either Buy Or Sell Second order auto place by Ea in Opposite direction on Second currency Eg. Eur-Usd. Take profits should be 100 Points net on basic lot size. Please try this strategy hedge strategy and check result may me in positive. 

tanks for code good alogrithm
Thanks you!!