Coding feature is not active


Good day Support

I trust that you are well

I would you to assist in activating my coding function on my MT5 platform. When I click IDE, the screen becomes blank and no codes can be encoded.

Kind regards

MT5 User


I downloaded my MT5 from (using the link) the bottom of this page.
My build of MT5 now is 3550

I have Windows 10 with 64-bit (because MT5 is not working for 32-bit).
many people do not care: 64-bit or 32-bit ...
But MT5 is taking it: you can restart your MT5 and you will see the following:

Metatrader 5x64 is indicating that my Windows (and MT5) is on 64-bit.

For now - I am openning IDE (IDE - MetaEditor):

I press this button and MetaEditor is opened:


Do you have the same?