how to use OrderCalcProfit( )



how to use     OrderCalcProfit( )  ?   I read the help book,   understand.

o=OrderCalcProfit( )  ?

please  give me an example?

Fernando Carreiro  

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Fernando Carreiro, 2022.08.23 17:41

You can! These are the steps I take. I supply the function with a lot size equal to the “Max Lot Size” allowed for the symbol in question, then calculate the ratio needed to achieve the fractional risk that I wish to apply, to get the correct volume for the order. I then align that with the “Lot Step” and finally check it against both the maximum and minimum allowed lots for the symbol.

The reason I use the “maximum” lots instead of just “1.0” lots as a reference value is because there is no guarantee that the value of 1.0 is within the minimum and maximum values allowed. Given that using 1.0, or the maximum, gives equivalent results anyway (by using the ratio method), I choose to use the “max lots” as the reference point which also offers the most precision for the calculation.

Something like this ...

// This code will not compile. It is only a example reference

if( OrderCalcProfit( eOrderType, _Symbol, dbLotsMax, dbPriceOpen, dbPriceStopLoss, dbProfit ) )
   dbOrderLots = fmin( fmax( round( dbRiskMax * dbLotsMax / ( -dbProfit * dbLotsStep ) )
               * dbLotsStep, dbLotsMin ), dbLotsMax ); 
   // the rest of the code ...