Cant sign up to a Signal



I have signed up to Signal previously with no problem. I click on the Subscribe button- It takes me to the MT5- I make sure i am logged into my account- But it just doesnt do anything??

In tools/Option i have the below screen shot but it is not showing me the other section called SIGNSALS (i think?) where you choose % of account to trade etc.

Any advice?


1. Check the build of your Metatrader 5.
For exampe, my MT5 build is 3540

2. Your Community tab login is rocknroll7139 (because the link to your profile is ).
So, use rocknroll7139 as a login to Community tab.

And sucessful Community tab login should be checked in Metatrader journal.
For example, I filled Community tab in my MT5, and I can check/prove is by Metatrader journal:

thank you. How do i check the Build of my MT5 and why?

I am successfully logged into MQL% on the MT5

RocknRoll7139 #:
thank you. How do i check the Build of my MT5 and why?

Because 32-bit Windows is not supported by MT5.
And if you have very old build so it may be your Windows is not 64-bit.

How to check the build: Help - About -


As you can see from the image above - my MT5 was downloaded from this mql5 internet portal (from the link at the bottom of this page), and not from the broker's website (because some brokers are not supported the signals for example).


And it is possible to check the Windows version: 64-bit or not.
Restart MT5, go to journal and see (this is my Windows, and "MetaTrader 5 x64" means that my Windows is 64-bit:


Also - do not forget to connect MT5 to your trading account (or to MetaQuotes-Demo account for example).