Need manual Spread option in MT5 for non real tick modes like MT4 for Strategy tester.


Hi, when I use "every tick", "Open Prices only" and "1 min OHCL" in the strategy tester. I found that the Ask/Bid spread is not counted. Usually you use these modes for a quicker result. But when you are scalping in 1 min timeframe with 10 pips for profit.

The difference is huge with or without spread. You see your profits in uptrend in non-realtick modes but completely downtrend when using real ticks. Sometimes you only got half of the result switching back to real ticks. That's after wasting sometime figuring out the trades are almost identical.

Some people may not even know this thing.

It would be much easier to debug/test if the non real tick modes have similar spread with the real ticks.

Thank you.


You can set a fixed spread in MT5 Strategy Tester already for non-real ticks.