Economic Calendar

Davide Gribaudo  


I read many threads about this topic but they are of some years ago and I want to ask about the actual situation in a more clear way.

I want to develop an EA that is reading the values of the economic calendar and trade.

My questions are: 

1. How fast does the mql5 economic calendar give the Actual Data of the forex news?

2. Do you think is convenient to use the mql5 economic calendar actual data to trade with? Or is it too slow?

3. In case is too slow, so that the price reaction come way before the publishing of the Actual Data, What would be a solution to that? What is the best and the fastest economic calendar?

Sergey Golubev  

Some discussion was going on this thread: News Trading /Fundamentals using MT5 

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News Trading /Fundamentals using MT5

Sergey Golubev, 2022.09.21 20:12

There is some official forecast, and there is some forecast which every calendar is doing.
I mean: there is informational calendar, and there is ... such as "trading calendar" where we can trade the news events with.

As to me so I prefer to place two pending orders (buy or sell) with 20 pips between them ...
And there is some NewsTrader EA (free by source code here on the forum, for MT4 ... could not find it now ... I can find it later sorry) which I used for the long time for trading news events (yes, I traded news events for the long time).

Yes, this MQL5 calendar is informational one.
I just hope that it will become the 'trading news events calendar', and if yes - it will be the best calendar for me.

News Trading /Fundamentals using MT5
News Trading /Fundamentals using MT5
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