Help needed on how to add custom indicator to EA



I'm new in developing EA and have written my 1st EA. I need help in how to upload a custom indicator that my EA uses. I would appreciate some direction in where to look at preferably some detail way to do it. This is to be able to publish the EA on the market and sell it. It works well on my own terminal.

Many thanks 

Joao de Gois


Just embed the other indicator(s) inside your indicator/EA. Add the CI(s) to your code as a resource.
          Use the publicly released code - MQL5 programming forum (2017)
          Resources - MQL4 Reference

Be aware that using resources is 40x times slower than using CIs directly.
          A custom indicator as a resource - MQL4 programming forum (2019)

Also make use there are no spaces in the path.
          Getting error 4802 when loading custom indicator that loads another custom indicator with iCustom - Technical Indicators - MQL5 programming forum. (2020)