Buy Limit & Sell limit relationship with Stop Loss & Take profit operations, using MQL5 programming code.


Hello, I'd like to ask an help to understand how to get correspondace into the mql5 code about the operations in the attached picture.

There is a red arrow (sell), a blue arrow (buy) and a dotted line that connects the two operations.

I'm trying to implement an EA that performs a Buy Limit and Sell Limit. In the picture scenario thare is a Sell Limit that occur when the favorable condition happen. 

1)Are the red and blue arrows Positions or what they represent?

2) The red dotted line it should represent the relationship beetween the red and blue arrows. Is it correct or it is a different concept?

3) How we can get the arrows and the red dotted line in code? Which function could be used to implement them?

4) In the picture there in the following indication: "autotrade #7 -> #9, TP, profit 0.02, EURUSD 1.00225". What #7 and #9 represent? How can I get by code?

I'm Newby in MQL5, I'm trying to understand if the blue arrow is a Stop Loss or a Take Profit generated from a Buy Limit or a Sell Limit using the code.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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