MetaEditor5 - Function name missing in suggeted function list.


During coding I split code in project into a different ".mq5" and ".mqh" files for clarity.

The problem is that functions which are placed in ".mq5" file other than main file are not displayed in suggested function list.

When I create header file ".mqh" for particullar ".mq5" file with functions declarations and when I include this ".mqh" file to project main ".mq5" file than function names are displayed in suggested function list, but there are warnings in compilation logs - "no #import declaration".

Do you know how any way to handle this without header file and function declarations or a way to disable those warnings?

MetaEditor feature description: "Auto substitution of function names"
My ME: MetaEditor 5.00 - b.3465 - 13.10.2022

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Intelligent management - Developing programs - MetaEditor Help
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I solved this problem by adding import declaration with ".mqh" filename:

#import "BarUtils.mq5"
int  ChartXYToBarIdx(int x, int y);
void ChartXYToBarIdxAndPrice(int x, int y, int &barIdx, double &price);

and warnings disappeared.

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