Self EA optimization

How can do an ea  to self optimise     every   3 days or   whaterver period   is there any existing method   to use?
budak0: How can do an ea  to self optimise     every   3 days or   whaterver period   is there any existing method   to use?

Yes, there are many ways. Do a search and you will find several. Here are a few ...


Adaptive Trading Systems and Their Use in the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal

MetaQuotes, 2010.09.14 10:53

This article suggests a variant of an adaptive system that consists of many strategies, each of which performs its own "virtual" trade operations. Real trading is performed in accordance with the signals of a most profitable strategy at the moment. Thanks to using of the object-oriented approach, classes for working with data and trade classes of the Standard library, the architecture of the system appeared to be simple and scalable; now you can easily create and analyze the adaptive systems that include hundreds of trade strategies.


Self-optimization of EA: Evolutionary and genetic algorithms

Vladimir Perervenko, 2016.06.07 09:45

This article covers the main principles set fourth in evolutionary algorithms, their variety and features. We will conduct an experiment with a simple Expert Advisor used as an example to show how our trading system benefits from optimization. We will consider software programs that implement genetic, evolutionary and other types of optimization, and provide examples of application when optimizing a predictor set and parameters of the trading system.


Dr. Tradelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Created a Self-Training Expert Advisor

Roman Zamozhnyy, 2011.11.17 10:49

Just over a year ago joo, in his article "Genetic Algorithms - It's Easy!", gave us a tool for implementation of the genetic algorithm in MQL5. Now utilizing the tool we will create an Expert Advisor that will genetically optimize its own parameters upon certain boundary conditions...