Is this possible to have a advertising cooperation system through MQL?!


Hi there, 

I have an idea!

As we know in MQL market there are sellers who sells their products. Most of times I see good products with very weak advertising and/or weak presentation!!! This is the point I have an idea to develop and work on!

Nevertheless, there are people who are very good at advertising and they have vast linking people, companies, customers, .. . In very simple words, they are myths of communication development and very native marketers. I think MQL can link these two groups, first developers (Owners) 🤓 and second Marketers 🥳 .

I think this can be done through this steps/parts:

1- It can be a "Linkage" section just like Market or Freelance!

2- Marketers will present their offers to Owners about how they can affect their income and what they offer as Services! This part can be done between agreement sides and no need to be as detailed as freelance section.

3- There is a very clear agreement like this: 

a) Marketer will help to increase product sell (MQL is not included in details and no matter how this will be done) during X Days.

b) Owner agrees to pay Y% of one or couple of his/her products (subject to agreement) to Marketer as advertising services commission during Days agreed on item "a".

c) Agreement may included to have a minimum sales for agreement period (X Days).

d) Commission will be payed from Owner to Marketer wallet when subjected product sold each time without any pre request or verification from Dev./Seller. (Considering item "c")

e) Agreement may include any "Unilateral contract termination" for Owner or Marketer based on initial agreement and will guarantee from MQL web site.

4- This will be a very clear and interactive way to help both sides to be in MQL and do what they love to do and of course professional at! 

I want to know what do you think guys!? 

The advertising system should not be officially supported, because it deviates from the main theme
Dao Liang Ding #:
The advertising system should not be officially supported, because it deviates from the main theme

The main them ?! 

Would you please explain more? You mean no relation between such cooperation and MQL aim/goal?