MT5 or MT4 Script or Expert for download Daily Data Of Major Pairs & (Gold,Silver) 11 Pairs


Hello Friends

I am searching for Last day Daily data Open,High,Low,Close for Analyze data for swing high and swing low and for next day, weekly, monthly target projection.

I am looking for download all major pair daily data in one click in dailydata.xls or csv file. Can some one help me to code it script or EA. I will be Very thank full for your Expert Answer. I will be Obliged if any skilled programmer can help me for this subject. I will be share on your request this file for your personal use. It will be help full for your trading for entry and exit and more  profit and small loss. Thank you all Mql Traders and members of this group.

I'd try the "Freelance" section, pal. I doubt someone would code on-demand scripts for free, but maybe I'm wrong. Good luck.