SymbolInfo class Standard Libaray.


Hi was using the Symbolinfo class libray ask and bid function. I puzzle about why it gives out different result compare to the symbolinfodouble function.


   CSymbolInfo  sinfo;




   bool isDataSynch = sinfo.IsSynchronized();


  if (isDataSynch)


      string sym = "EURUSD";

      Print("Data is Synch");

      Print("Ask price is :", sinfo.Ask(), ", Bid Price is ", sinfo.Bid());

      Print("The Ask Price is ",SymbolInfoDouble(sym, SYMBOL_ASK),", Bid is ",SymbolInfoDouble(sym, SYMBOL_BID)   );


Shows :


Solved. Apparently you need to call the RefreshRates function before you get the Ask and Bid price.