Custom tooltip size

Andrei Iakovlev  


What is the custom tooltip size in MT5? Is it smaller, than in MT4? Is it adjustable? After custom indicator was converted from mql4 to mql5, not all info is displaying in tooltip.

Andrei Iakovlev  

I mean the size of the text of a tooltip, set by

ObjectSetString(chart_id, object_name, OBJPROP_TOOLTIP, "text");


Fernando Carreiro  
I believe it is hard-coded on both platforms but there doesn't seem to be any available information of that size is.
Andrei Iakovlev  
It seems, that for a single line size is almost the same between MT4 and MT5 (160 and 159 symbols), but in multi line mode size in MT4 is 255 symbols, while in MT5 it's only 169 symbols.