Neeed a big help about sending a variable value from Metatrader A to Metatrader B

Emir Nazimi  

HELLO expert writers 

im very new in programming mql and am confused about a big problem , i only just but only want to send the BROKER   A   ACCOUNT EQUITY VALUE (that is changing continusely  in every tick ) for example 5665 USD  to  BROKER  B  Metatrader EA .  so THE metatrader B  EA  shows that recieved value as comment above the current chart continusely  very fast at every tick . i just want to do this .. but couldnt find or didnt understand how to do it . some people said to me write the broker A equity value as TXT by FileWrite () function , but unfortunately metatrader limited each terminals file path on its own path , i mean you cant navigate or show the metatrader B s  file address  as the Reading file address of Metatrader A . some people said use socket function . but i didnt understand how to create that connection . most of the examples of socket programming are very complicated and i really dont want the do that heavy jobs , i just want to transfer live value of equity of metatrader A to meta B and show it as comment . a will appreciate if someone help me please