Setup MetaTester 5 Agent manage


I setup MetaTester 5 Agent manage build 3443. if software build 910 working:

But with software build 3443 don't connect with cloud mql5:



In my case, the client does connect, but the community tab does not appear to add my user and be able to sell the calculations made.


More information about the issue can be found here:

You can click the little [EN] button above each post to translate to English.  In a nutshell, there's now an AVX version and a non-AVX version of MetaTester.  Apparently, you've got the AVX version, but your CPU doesn't support AVX instructions.  As the MQL5 Cloud Network is moving in that direction for greater efficiency, they are no longer offering the non-AVX version for public download.

Пропала вкладка "MQL5 Cloud Network"
Пропала вкладка "MQL5 Cloud Network"
  • 2022.09.29
После обновления MT5 пропала вкладка "MQL5 Cloud Network" в Agents Manager, в результате не могу ввести свой логин...