is it possible to get multiple indicators in one window?

Fernando Carreiro  
monster poodle: As per title... I would like to overlay indicators in one window e.g. 3 MA or a macd and an ema. Is this possible or do I need to download other indicators?
Yes, it is possible! Just drag the indicators you want onto the main window or subwindow you intend for them to be displayed on.
William Roeder  
monster poodle: or a macd and an ema.

While they can be placed in the same window (per Fernando), there scale must be compatible. Be very careful!

The MACD is the difference between two MAs (0.0010±). The EMA is a price (0.98765±).  The MACD will be flat on the bottom and the EMA is all you see.

Or in the case of RSI (0…100) and EMA (0.98765±), the EMA will be flat on the bottom.