Is Forex trading simple or complicated?

If it were easy, then more people would be doing it and making loads of money doing it.

So, no, it is not simple.

Trading, particularly FX, is quite adept at convincing beginners that they can outperform the market. One explanation is that retrospective confirmation is biased.

It's where you read charts and gain screen time (seeing price evolve), and your brain mislead you into believing you've discovered a pattern in how price moves; a method from which you may benefit.

This is because your brain is actively looking for that money-making approach, which naturally blocks out stuff you should be seeing (like underlying price dynamics, price memory etc).

Another factor is the ridiculous advertising and moronic-colorful technical indicator techniques.

All of the colorful and overly intricate chart patterns and technical indicators offer the impression that the approach is important.

Especially since the idiots (or so-called "genius traders" who advertise them) come across as "clever," duping the newcomer into thinking what they're selling is smart.

It's also critical to understand who you're competing against. As a trader, your competition includes PHDs from the top disciplines of mathematics/physics/programming, traders with flawless personality complexes, organizations with extremely sophisticated infrastructure and the ability to understand information, and so on. And their experience ranges from a few years to several decades.

P.S. As a side note, ignore advice from Quora users who include bogus promotional links in their answers.

You're better off reading textbooks/research papers on trading and financial markets or listening to genuine successful traders (men from hedge funds), both of which are available on YouTube.
Thank you for your time!