Virtual Hosting 3 minutes delay

Paolo Prandi  


Since a few months I have subscribed to the MQL virtual hosting platform.

I noticed that there is a large delay when placing orders compared to what my EA is supposed to do (place order at the start of the bar).

Is this occasional, a bug or a "feature". As it is seems a little unreliable to use.

Thank you in advance for any useful answes :)

Paolo Prandi  
Eleni Anna Branou #:

Right click in your MQL5 VPS >> Journals and check for any problems.

You can move your MQL5 VPS to another server and migrate your EA again.

But in your place I would start looking for any reasons within your EA having this delay, a max spread setting or something.

Thank you for your annswer Eleni.

The journal doesn't report any errors and the EA doesn't check for max spread or anything which may be the cause of a 3 minute delay.

In the last month, the lag has been in the range of 1 to 10 seconds (quite bad, but tolerable), today a lot worse.

Do you think is server related?

P.S. the EA places market orders at the start of a 30 min bar.


2022.08.31 17:03:14.051 PrandiDynamic 5.3 EURUSD,M30: open #87808883 sell 0.02 EURUSD at 1.00502 ok

2022.08.31 17:03:14.113 PrandiDynamic 5.3 EURUSD,M30: modify #87808883 sell 0.02 EURUSD at 1.00502 sl: 0.00000 tp: 1.00304 ok

Eleni Anna Branou  
It may be broker related, try to move to another MQL5 VP server and migrate your EA again.