MQL5 VPS did not renew the rental renewal although I have selected renewal automatically


Hi , My VPS expire on 22/9/2022 BUT MQL5 system did not renew for me automatically although I have selected auto renewal previously .

How Can I renew by manual or how to contact admin to deduct my wallet money to renew the VPS

The MQL5 helper is just a robot , totally cannot solve question and problem .

Eleni Anna Branou  
pchong1616 #:
i have sufficient fund in mql5, expire in 22/9/2022 But my vps this week still can work. 
Can you tell me how to contact them or how to renew manually?
I am worry my floating Trade cannot close by vps on next monday if metaquote system cancel it next week Monday.

If your MQL5 VPS expires on 22/9/2022, that means that has not expired yet, the auto renewal happens automatically at the exact minute and day your current subscription expires, not before.

If you think that something is not working smoothly in your MQL5 VPS, try to change server and migrate your EAs, indicators or signal subscription again.

Thank you for the info.