Temporary files in optimization

Miguel Antonio Rojas Martinez  
Hello everyone, I am doing an optimization with a computer that has 56 cores. I have disabled the use of 16 of them, to have some cores available and not use all the processor

Unfortunately, I am not able to start the optimization, since the MT5 stays "thinking" and does not advance

Also, the 500GB hard disk space is running out, and this happens because, I notice that in the path C:\Users\User1\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Tester\AC9C6A28E94BCA3437553596CFA9A584\Agent-\temp
Many many many files with a similar weight begin to be created, and also multiplier by many agents (Agent-, Agent-, Agent-, Agent-127.0. 0.1-30XXXX) in a very short time I run out of space

the question is why so many of those files are created?
how to prevent that from happening?
what is the correct relationship regarding the use of processors, should I use only half?, (for example)

By the way, unfortunately the optimization cannot start.

Finally if I stop the optimization, the pc starts to eliminate those temporary ones and I recover the lost space (and the fluidity of the pc)

It seems to me that in the end I cannot take advantage of my capacity, so I ask you for guidance on the correct way or things to take into account