I receive error when I run EA optimization, can somebody please help fix?

Ryszard Kadow  
Denis Kuznetsov:
2022.08.05 19:34:07.497  Core 2  genetic pass (3, 333) tested with error "OnInit returned non-zero code 1" in 0:00:00.022

MQ5 attached thanks 🙏

Show tab "Settings"


By pressing the 'print screen' (sometimes labeled prt sc) button above the delete key on your keyboard, an electronic screenshot will be copied to your clipboard. All you have to do is go into an image editing software program such as Microsoft Paint and select 'Paste' or press control+V. The screenshot will be pasted to your canvas/work area and you can save the screenshot directly to your computer as an image file. It often saves time and improves quality to use this method. 

I hope this helps,


Dominik Egert  
Also there is "snipping" tool available on Windows. And you should dust off your monitor.....

Your error means your OnInit has failed to run.
William Roeder  
Every place where OnInit returns non-zero, you Print a message, look at the EA tab, and find out why.