What is this " /go?link= "

Young Ho Seo  

I am not an expert at website. However, I am just curious about /go?link= 

I just noticed that  /go?link= is inserted whenever external link is inserted in news feed, etc. It might be the same for the forum post too. 

For example, if the original link was "https://www.amazon.com/", then the html code becomes like below automatically:

or sometimes, it become like this

From standard html library, I never found any information about this /go?link=. 

So what is exactly this ? 

Can I use this  "/go?link=" outside mql5.com website ?

For example, something like below will work or fail ?

Interesting stuff but nothing comes on google search. 

William Roeder  
Young Ho Seo: Can I use this  "/go?link=" outside mql5.com website ?
  1. Only if you code your website with a go command. You won't find it in HTML documentation because it has nothing to do with HTML. When implemented, it runs some script in the server.

  2. This allows the website to note when external links are clicked.

    What MetaQuotes does with that factoid we can only guess.

    Some sites, like banks, warn you that you are logging out, leaving them, and not enter sensitive data subsequently.