Timeframe period and modelling

Hi all

I need your help on a few basic elements
I am not sure about the different field

third row, the date: this should be the timeframe we test on our EA.
Correct ?
let's say from 27-jul-2022 to 28-jul-2022
Is there any way to use a shorter timeframe ? shorter than 1day

About the symbol row (the second one),
the field that can be H1 or M15 or "daily". What is that ?
A subset of value that your symbol got from the main timeframe

So from 27-jul-2022 to 28-jul-2022
consider the symbol value every 15 minutes (M15) or 1 hour (H1), or only one in the "daily"
correct ?

The "modelling" field.
"every tick" ? what is that ?
How frequent the event OnTick() is called ?
If so the "every tick" parameter should be useless if we choose a period of 1H.
Is period longer than 5M for long position ?
If I buy with a TakeProfit of 0.5%, but the TP is matched between the period ?
Will the simulator consider/execute the TP ?

I need to test an EA that should/could close in a short time.
So I suppose to run with Period =1M and Modelling ="every tick"
Correct ?

Thanks in advance to all