How to delete channel MQL5

How to delete channel created by me on mql5

I know how to close channel (but I did not close my channel so I have no idea about the results: it may be the same action as to delete channel) -

I accidentally created two same channels, but when i click close it simply shows "Channel "..." closed, can even reopen that channel: "Channel "..." reopened, it has doesn't seem the same as deleting that channel
I only see one Button - "Close Channel".
So, you can click on "Close Channel" button to close channel, and forget about this channel.
As far as I understand - the owners/creators of the channels will have more feature to manage their channels (everything is developing now, incl paid/commercial channels).

But I see one button only now (to close).
Yes I think like you, maybe we should wait for this feature to develop more, thank you