Why I'm getting none while calling copy_rates_range function in metatrader 5 in python?


I want to fetch the 5 minute timeframe ohlc date between two specified date. And here is my code in python below_

from datetime import datetime
from datetime import date
import MetaTrader5 as mt5
import pandas as pd
import pytz
from tqdm import tqdm
import plotly.express as px


login = ********
password = "******"
server = "ICMarketsSC_Demo"
mt5.login(login, password, server)

# set time zone to UTC
timezone = pytz.timezone("Asia/Kolkata")

# create 'datetime' objects in UTC time zone to avoid the implementation of a local time zone offset
utc_from = datetime(2022, 7, 13, tzinfo=timezone)
utc_to = datetime(2020, 7, 13, hour=23, tzinfo=timezone)

print("UTC From Date ",utc_from)
print("UTC To Date ",utc_to)

# get bars from EURUSD M5 within the interval of 2022.07.13 00:00 - 2022.07.13 24:00 in UTC time zone
rates = mt5.copy_rates_range("EURUSD", mt5.TIMEFRAME_M5, utc_from, utc_to)

But when I run this code I didn't get any data it's just shows none.

Can anyone please tell me how can I resolve this issue...