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Help - Chart data not displaying on EUR/USD

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d3subz 2015.04.09 11:17 


I have an issue with my MT5 client, all the pairs are displaying fine just the EUR/USD datafeed somehow got broken this morning, I tried restarting the client, reopening the currencypair, refreshing the chart, I even tinkered with historical data to somehow delete the old data, so the server could send me new data with no effect (I might be deleting the wrong data).

Note: Whenever I zoom in the pair it actually displays correctly but when I'm zoomed out it's just a blank, and if I scroll back to a later date suddenly the old data appears.. I also saw this error in the journal might be related. And also the obvious thing is the indicators are not displaying correctly even if I zoom in.

Hope someone can shed some light on this. Ty :)

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Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.04.09 23:56  

Have you tried totally deleting ALL of the data from that pair and re-downloading from the history center?
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