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This is one of the most powerful indicators currently existing. Anyone who trades trying to have a certain degree of confidence must have this indicator on their chart. Most often the indicator is used by those who prefer “tape reading” while trading. Also, this indicator can be utilized by those who use only Price Action while trading.

If the grid is not visible, then it will not be possible to resize the indicator as shown in the following animations. Please note that the interface is very simple and intuitive: it has only two controls, one of which indicates the size, and the other one shows the starting point for volume analysis.


In general, this indicator is quite effective and very interesting in implementation and construction. In this article, we will work with its most basic level, and then we will improve it in the next article.

I have nothing more to say about the interface, so let's move on to implementing the code.

Author: Daniel Jose

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What are you talking about?

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What do u mean
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What do u mean

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