Help with open orders

Rubens Marinho  

Hello there,

I did a very simple expert based on my personal trading strategy.

Basically, I wait the indicators confluence and open a position following the trend, as you can see below. 

There are four EMA (8,20,50 and 200), Vwap, ADX(14), RSI(14) and Volumes. When all of them shows me what market is doing, I go with them.

My SL is the last lower price and TP is 3xSL... simple! When I have the chance stay in front my computer, I don't use TP, used to go with trailing.

I'm sharing the EA here, hope you can help me with it. You'll see parts there that I'm still coding, they're all commented there like that:

Facing some problems with my knowledge, but it's a very clean code hahahahah

The backtest goes like that:

As you can see, no errors, no warnings but also no trades. The log is attached.

So, the fact is, could you please help me with it?

Vladimir Karputov  
Use the debugger - set breakpoints and examine the behavior of the EA.
Vladimir Karputov  
Rubens Marinho # :
Thanks for the idea man!

I did as you said, and the point there was that one below:

But even with that line (77) I had a clean compile:

It seems there is any other kind of issue... I don't know.

Breakpoints should be placed inside the code, not on 'input' variables.