Problem with CPanel Alignment


Hello Folks,

This is my first post on the Forum, so I'll try my best to explain myself clearly. I'm developing a CAppDialog and, among other things, I want to place a CPanel on it, aligned to the Right. Following the Docs example (here), with a few minor adjustments as follows (lines highlighted in yellow):

//| Create the "CPanel"                                              |
bool CControlsDialog::CreatePanel(void)
//--- coordinates
   int x1=20;
   int y1=20;
   int x2=ExtDialog.Width()/3;
   int y2=ExtDialog.Height()/3;
//--- create
   if(!my_white_border.ColorBackground(clrAqua)) //changed the color to clrAqua
   my_white_border.Alignment(WND_ALIGN_RIGHT,0,0,10,10); //this line at the Docs example was: my_white_border.Alignment(WND_ALIGN_CLIENT,0,0,0,0);
//--- succeed

Everything else of the example code is equal. So, the first compiling produced the Aqua panel aligned to the left (what is wrong, given the .Alignment() ): printscreen "CPanel compiling 1"

After minimizing the Dialog and maximizing it again, the aqua panel was correctly (i.e., what I believe I coded) placed to the right:  printscreen "CPanel after minimizing"

I tried placing the my_white_border.Alignment(WND_ALIGN_RIGHT,...) line at various random places inside the code without success, even calling the CControlsDialog::Maximize, or other things, but I'm failing to understand how to correctly align it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards, Gabriel!

Documentation on MQL5: Standard Library / Panels and Dialogs / CPanel
Documentation on MQL5: Standard Library / Panels and Dialogs / CPanel
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