Sharing my Simple Trading Strategy that Works.!

Philip Pankaj Suthagar  

A good strategy should answer 5 questions:

1. Does our entry occurs in decent volume zone ?

2. Is there enough space for Candlestick to grow? (Avoiding OverBought and OverSold Zones).

3. Are we Aligned with trend?

4. Can we evaluate easily with naked eyes?

5. Is there low Risk Involves.?

And Here's my Understanding and implementation of it.

Indicator Involves:

Moving Average:

Period 10,20

Price Close





STD Deviation:

Period 5

Stochastic Oscillator:

k Period -5

d Period -3

Slowing -3

Price Field-Low/high


Volume Indicator 

Trading Strategy:

Buy Signal:

Bear Signal:


On PSAR dot / PSAR Reversal.

Happy Trading!!!

Best Regards,

Philip Pankaj

Thanks for sharing your good strategy!
Philip Pankaj Suthagar  
Paula Ramirez #:
Thanks for sharing your good strategy!
Welcome Paula Ramirez.
Share your valuable ideas and thoughts.
Philip Pankaj Suthagar  
Amos Ossai #:
The Simplest strategy in forex:
123 formation. Chose your time frame. For Buying, wait to see the first higher low. Then. break of higher high and retest of it, enter.stop loss. Bellow the first higher low. Take profit. Above the higher high.
Is it the Dow theory? Your 123 formation is similar to Dow theory. Are you using zigzag or something else to determine HH,LH,HL and LL?
Lorenzo Edward Beukes  
Thanks for sharing this strategy! God Bless Maybe we can turn it into EA

It is not working...

I created the EA for your Buying Strategy, and one Position Opened during last year, and it was opened when the market was in bearish trend in 30M TimeFrame

Akshay Sundaresan  
Ive been watching this thread from the start and also Tried this strategy in XAUUSD 5m ,which is my all time favorite and It's perfectly working well for me .Booked good profits .Everyone should try using it manually and evaluate with your eyes because there lies the real success of this startegy .May God bless everyone !!! 

Happy trading!!!