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Very Frustrated With Programmers On Here

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Dave90210 2015.04.01 15:34 

I have been dealing with a nightmare on this site. There needs to be some kind of third party policing of the coders in the freelance forum. Apparently all the coders say all the other coders work is crap if I want to get something fixed. I get it fixed and another coder says the coder who fixed the EA use crap coding!!! Now this is getting very ridiculous. How do I find someone who is no doubt a good coder to look over my EA's to make sure they function and are coded properly?  

Right now I have a batch of EA's opening at the exact same time. it's always the same 5. 4 out of 5 have the same TP and SL and one has no TP. Other than that they share none of the same settings. They have similar logic but have different logic for entering and closing a trade. Now when I talk to the current programmer he told me all the EA's where coded really really bad which doesn't tell me anything.  Is it possible the EA's checking the magic number can be flawed, to make all these different ea's open at the exact same time? The last trade was very odd, the last trade that was open was the one with no TP once it closed all 5 EA's including the one that just closed open new trades instantly after the last trade closed. 

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