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Ingvar Engelbrecht
Ingvar Engelbrecht 2015.03.30 14:30 

Is it possible to use offline data in an EA. Range bars and similar  are often created as offline charts.

To develop multicurrency EA:s using rangebars  I  would have to use offline charts as the primary input since range bar creators all seem to use offline charts.


i got a suggestion that it should work if the offline chart is open.

Here is what I did:

 - Created a range bar chart for EURUSD and called it "M3"  Worked OK
 - I kept it open

Is started a test EA on USDJPY.  I used iRSI, iBands and iMACD explicity specifying "EURUSD"  and PERIOD_M3 to obtain values from these indicators and printed them for the last closed bar.

Voila!   Correct values for the indicators. Matched values I got by applying these indicators to the range bar chart.

I also made a CopyRates to obtain the last close specifying symbol and timeframe.  Not correct. The close value I got was not from  "1"  (last close)  I found that value 7 bars earlier. Hm.That might just be coincidence


So it works. Almost.

Ingvar Engelbrecht
Ingvar Engelbrecht 2015.03.31 10:47  

It works.

User Error. Forgot to set


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