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graemeoswald 2015.03.23 16:21 

Automated 60 Second Trading Robot

I have developed a strategy that, should it be automated, would seem to have achieved the holy grail in mt4 programming terms – consistent profit and profitable trading no matter what the market is doing!
The system is based on the simple idea that at some point the moving average must be crossed. If a ranging or trending market can be identified, which of course it can, then this movement becomes predictable in the majority of instances. A further indicator needs to be applied in order to discern the type of movement around the MA. I know what this indicator would entail but cannot find it anywhere.
I have tested these ideas out manually as best I can and over a period of months they seem to show a very healthy winning trade ratio.
A person with experience of programming mt4/5 is sought who is willing to effectively take a punt and develop this robot with me in return for the split ownership of it.

Pasi Hakamaki
Pasi Hakamaki 2015.03.23 22:31  

Programmers for hire here.


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