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Crowdfunding for Expert Advisors and Indicators?

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Christian Beckmann
Christian Beckmann 2015.03.23 15:31 


i want to start a discussion of a topic that came into my mind while reading some articles about the latest gadgets which are offered on and indigogo.

Does it make sense or may it be useful to have a possibility to start a crowdfunding campaign for an Expert Advisor or Indicator?  

Let me know what you think of that...

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2015.03.23 23:26  

Interesting concept.

But my question would be: what EA would require such a large sum of funds that a crowd-funding campaign would be necessitated? It must be an awfully super-profitable EA that may require immense work to create, but after its creation the developers would be so rich so quickly they would have no desire to distribute their works (actually, they would feel discouraged from distributing their works because they would not want uncontrolled copies of their EA due to reverse-engineering and hacking).

And if this was an effort to organise a joint development project for the creation of this super-EA, where will the funds go? To all the developers involved? Some funds for a trading account?

I guess I could see the point if the EA was to be distributed for free after the crowd-funding campaign was complete. 

Christian Beckmann
Christian Beckmann 2015.03.24 09:23  

On croudfunding campaign there are different rewards for people who are contributing to it. for an ea this could be a period of time people can use this ea for free after development is finished.

i think there are a lot of experienced and talented developers here which are doing a lot of work - but it is difficult to concentrate on development of an ea if you do not know if your work is really rewarded. if there are people to support you development it may be easier to create great software.

on the other hand campaigns should offer transparancy regarding what the ea can do (or not do).

and yes, this could also be used to develop and maintain open source software - but what i found regarding open source EAs and Indicators is limited.

as said before this were just a few thoughts that came into my mind when reading some articles about actually running croudfunding campaigns. 

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2015.04.04 23:17  
Bad idea.... create your EA and put it up for sale. Simple and easy as every coders does.
Aleksei Beliakov
Aleksei Beliakov 2015.04.07 07:13  
interesting ideai we can develop ea and share with donators signals
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