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Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2015.03.23 09:17 

There are many EA out there that has a very high profit factor (4 or so...), but most of them do not have stoploss and will lead a huge drawdown. So these EAs are not sutable for small account (sub $1000)


Here is what i personally look for when choosing an EA

no martingale (or can be switched off to trade with fixed lot) 

Work In any currency pairs and M1, M5 or M15 only, for higher trading frequency.

Maximum SL:TP=2:1, (6:3pips or 100pips:50pips for example)

Profit factor still above 1.5 (or the higher the better)


I am looking for it. :)

Nauris Mucenieks
Nauris Mucenieks 2015.03.30 22:41  

good luck.

id say take a look in the market section, try out some demos, if you havent already.

also, take a look in code base section - "freebies" is what i call them.

there are tons of EA's out there.

try coming up with your own strategy, maybe.

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