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Need Help for William indicator Expert Advisor, MT4, please

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rrachrach 2015.03.22 12:58 

hi every body

could any body help to improve this Expert Advisor. it is not mine,. it seems to be work in the begginning of the trading then it crash. I attached to this message a picture of backtest from 01 january 2015 to 20 marsh 2015.

Other think, it opens many positions, but do not close them once the profit is reached.

Thanks for any help.


pic1.png 101 kb
pic2.png 108 kb
pic3.png 112 kb
pic4.png 94 kb
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2015.04.05 12:13  
Hire a Freelancer to expect job done
Aleksei Beliakov
Aleksei Beliakov 2015.04.05 12:50  
it is easier to create a new EA than remake this
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