Understanding WebRequest Post HTTP

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I am just trying to do a hello world programme with WebRequest and finding it a bit difficult. Send a post request to a php page and return the response. I have searched the forums for examples and there is little. The one MT uses does not even compile. Not sure why they can't just give a simple example. Anyway. Any help would be appreciated, as well for others. I get the feeling I am not the only one, judging by comments on forum posts. 

Here is what I have, the results of this is that it does go to the URL and executes the PHP, the issue is that the $_post yields nothing. I do see in the header the content length change when I adjust the input - just no data. There must be a secret to this data input field of WebRequest. I tried to play with refer, etc....it does nothing. Simple defaults seem to work the same.

EA script. 

int init()


string headers;

char data[], result[];

string str = "data=value"; // post data variables to send


string b = CharArrayToString(data);

Print("Test:",b); // just test if good ... it is.


Print(CharArrayToString(result)); // see the results and it retuns "Results:" No posted data.

The PHP: xyz.php 


$data = $_POST["data"];

echo "Results:" . $data;


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