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corrupt history quotes

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For several days I cannot test my EA due to the following journal entries (EA exiting at the beginning of the test session):


2015.03.16 15:32:07 Core 1 EURUSD: bad container not fixed

2015.03.16 15:32:07 Core 1 EURUSD 2014.01.03, damaged container found, must be resynchronized

2015.03.16 15:32:07 Core 1 'EURUSD' 1970.01.15 - invalid network container header [The operation completed successfully. (0)]

What I did (and did not help): delete e.g. EURUSD history, and so at the beginning of another test phase MetaTrader 5 downloads again, however the result is the same as seen above.

What should I do? 

Thanks, G 

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